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United States
I enjoy alot of Asian culture from animation to Manga. I have small hobbies such as Drawing and animating random things, for both 3-D videos and so on. I am outgoing and very accepting. I'd say I was that go to person, who'll listen to you 24/7, I don't judge heck no one is perfect, I enjoy art, I am extremely nice and weird, so don't feel discouraged to say hello, I don't bite. :)

I am currently in FullSail University Studying Computer Science, who knows maybe I'll be working on the next major video game or Disney movie.

KHGaloreGroup Button by Nozamiarcher

 Birth By Sleep:  What Character Do You Resemble?
Birth By Sleep: What Character Do You Resemble?
Hosted By Anime

*Sorry for the delay I was working hard on this and fell asleep on my keyboard, please forgive me!* *Opportunity Ends September 20th!*

Edit: ALSO IF YOU'D LIKE TO SEE YOUR KINGDOM HEARTS OC IN THE SHOW PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Think of it an an extra for people who may not want to voice act but want a part in it.  1 Original Character per person, per episode. 


As most of you know, I have just gained a partnership on YouTube, and so in return to my friends here on DeviantArt, I would like to host my first EVER  Voice Acting Audition. If you feel you can help me out and do the job;

STEP 1: write a comment telling me who you'd like to audition for.
STEP 2: I'll send you some lines to read
STEP 3: When you are done with your recording please send it to senshinokuronikuru@ gmail  

I will check the email ever 2-4 hours, so that I don't miss any submissions. I hope to make this project fun. If you think you have the voice please don't hesitate, I'd like to get this up and ready to go as soon as possible. FUN is the word of the day, if you have a YouTube account, I can feature you in it which will bring plenty of views and hopefully subs to your channel if you in fact make videos as well. Thank you to anyone who wants to participate! 

To give you an idea for the story! 
The Story thus far: 
Xemnas has been defeated, the heartless are non-existent. Dusks no longer prance around the streets of Twilight Town. When Kyou Hase's younger sister; Yoshiko, goes missing during the annual "Return of Sora-Struggle Event". Kyou's misconception of Sora leads to him accusing the hero of kidnapping. After challenging Sora to a struggle match, Kyou now has to fight with everything he has to get his sister back, even if it means teaming up with the enemy. 

The characters who need voices at the moment: 

Kyou Hase: Audiyo (DatVoiceGuy)
Kyou by Grey-Wolf1

Short Bio: 15 Year old Kyou Hase isn't the poster child for good grades or an even better attitude. Known to wear his shades mostly because he wants to hide a part of himself he doesn't want to share with the world. Kyou's sense of justice is strong. Although dimwitted and loud when it's unnecessary Kyou does his best to protect his friends. 

Ichirou Kato: Joshua Shultz

Ichirou by Grey-Wolf1
Short Bio: Kyou's bestfriend since Kindergarten. Ichirou is the cool and calm version of Kyou if he wasn't so loud. Down to earth and charming when he needs to be Ichirou takes ever disaster with a smile and his bat. 

Yoshiko Hase: DianaHart22

Yoshiko by Grey-Wolf1
Short Bio: The younger sister of Kyou, Yoshiko is the exact opposite of her big brother and she isn't too proud to let him or anyone know that. Having an interest in seashells, Yoshiko is a collector. She's always wonders off to go see what can be found.

Takeshi Yoshida: Peter Vernon

Takeshi by Grey-Wolf1
Short Bio: 16 year old Takeshi has only one goal in life; that is to see Kyou suffer. Making fun of him, tripping him, shoving and tormenting Kyou is all Takeshi lives for. Having prevented Tamiko from being bullied by Seifer and his gang, Takeshi has looked after Tamiko for a long time, despite her annoying tendencies. 

Tamiko Ito: linkforever3457 

Tamiko by Grey-Wolf1
Short Bio: Takeshi's right hand "man"? Takeshi having saved her as a child, Tamiko changed her nick name to begin with the same beginning as his. Having a soft spot for Takeshi, Tamiko is never far behind her knight and will stick by him no matter what. No matter how bothersome he may find her. 

Anyone who would like to play some background characters-Male or female let me know they only get about 2 lines. 

kazuki9484        SyuSya
KohakuUme6      Brytevere
ChochoYatori      xXMayLillyXx
Sims3Ripper        xXwarrior-of-lightXx
Green-Fighter      Grey-Wolf1 
(ES3C, Paogae, Alex-nyan, Electronic Arts, Square Enix, Disney)
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Inu-Yasha's- Change the World
  • Playing: Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded

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